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TTypeScript Angular Forms with Angular 1.5 Components

10/18/20161 Min Read — In Angular

Form validation, every front-end developers favorite topic. Recently I have been migrating form validation over to TypeScript and I have been pleasantly surprised by how clean TypeScript Angular forms development is. Consider the following form example that allows a user to enter a date into an…

nng-metadata is the answer to upgrading to Angular 2

06/16/20161 Min Read — In Angular

Earlier this week I spoke to making a poor man’s TypeScript Component decorator to begin to make Angular 1.x syntax more Angular 2.x compliant. Since then one of my coworkers brought to my attention a phenomenal library that extends on what I spoke to. ng-metadata is a library that allows you to…

MMake a TypeScript Angular 1.5 Component look like a Angular 2 Component

06/13/20162 Min Read — In Angular

Recently I started wondering if it was possible to create an Angular 1.5 Component that would look and act similar to an Angular 2 Component. The motive behind this was fueled by the idea that if I could convert an existing Angular 1.5 code base over to a more Angular 2 compliant syntax it would…

UUpload a file with $ in AngularJS 1.5.5

05/07/20161 Min Read — In Angular

Recently I was porting a jQuery Bootstrap file upload over to an Angular 1.5.5 modal and ran into an issue when I tried to upload a file with $ in AngularJS. Essentially I was able to receive all of my form data on the server except for my file. The main gotcha in this scenario is that…